Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

About Smart Travel:

Smart Travel is a club travel witch design for only member anyone who would like to travel with smart travel is required to be come a member first smart travel is a privilege to travel not a right there for it’s required to agree with our agreement to be able to travel with us. Smart Travel give so much opportunities to travel without need to pay absolutely nothing from your pocket by only refer people to us and earn points and use those points to purchase your cruise ship, hotels, ticket plane etc.

How you can use your points? or how the points work?

When u using your points to make any transaction like pay your cruise ship, hotels plane ticket or others your points match 2 points per dollar however when you accumulate points to upgrade your membership, points match points per dollar for example transaction 2 points for $1 accumulation for upgrade only 1points = $ 1. however smart travel reserve the right to change or update any policies any time without notice.

Bronze Membership:


As a bronze membership you have the opportunity to travel as much you want during the year and continues to have the same benefit every time you travel, however smart travel reserve the right also to stop or cancel any membership without notice for any unusual actions fraud or others if it’s necessary.

Fees: There is a 1-time setup fee of $255 and $10/month. Monthly fees must be paid on-time to ensure that the account stays active. 

Silver Membership:


As a silver member you allow to travel 1time a year without pay any penalties or others fee after paying your membership after that, if u decide to travel more then 1 time a year you can use the option of a bronze member to allow you to travel as much you want by using your points and a 20% guaranty for each trip. Smart Travel is responsible to pay only for your cruise ships or hotels unless you have a particularly agreement with smart travel. Smart travel reserve the right to cancel any member ship without notice if it’s necessary. 


Fees: There is a 1-time setup fee of $10,000 and $55/month. Monthly fees must be paid on-time to ensure that the account stays active.  

     If you earn over 10,000 referral points, you will not have to pay the $10,000 fee, but you will be required to maintain the monthly fee of $55.

After become a member of Smart Travel you have 30 days to cancel your membership but tax and fee not reimbursable. however no cancelation acceptable after making your first trip with Smart Travel before the 30 days notice.. as a silver member you have 5 days after due date to pay your membership or action will take on place. A Silver member have the right to change any user from the time they purchase their membership or become a silver member for example if you are the owner of your membership and for some reason you get divorce or break off you can’t change the user until the date of purchase or upgrade your membership. to travel with smart travel it’s required to have 21 years or more or must be accompanied by an adult of 21 years or more. In the case of bankruptcy Smart Travel reserve the right for not paying any penalties or refund to members but Smart travel will notice the bankruptcy to their member and the reason of bankruptcy.

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